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NUMOV / German Near and Middle East Business Association

With the main office in Berlin and various representative offices in other cities, the German Near and Middle East Association / Nah- und MittelOst-Verein (NUMOV) is the leading organisation for economic relations between Germany and the countries of the Near and Middle East.

German companies have great opportunities to operate successfully in the markets of the region. Steadily increasing international competition, however, poses more and more challenges. NUMOV wants to encourage more German companies to develop their business activities within the Near and Middle East and supports its member companies with commitment, creativity, and expertise. For this reason, the number of members of the Association has risen steadily over the past years making NUMOV Germany's largest non-profit, independent service provider for the Near and Middle East.

The Association organises seminars, conferences and delegations and provides its member companies with up to date and relevant information about business opportunities. The bi-monthly magazine of the Association and the Near and Middle East Economic Handbook published by NUMOV give a comprehensive overview of the current economic developments in the region.

Reputable companies and finance institutes, such as Deutsche Bahn, Bilfinger Berger, Ferrostaal, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, etc are among our board members.

Building up economic ties with the countries of the region for 75 years, NUMOV has close connections to government agencies and ministerial departments.

NUMOV / German Near and Middle East Business Association
Jägerstr. 63d
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2064100
Fax: +49 30 20641010

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