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Safety We use more than 150 compounds to manufacture our brake pads, while our competitors use approximately ten. Anyone replacing wearing parts and who sets store by the manufacturer’s original quality therefore reaches for products of the ATE brand. That’s why we also hold a leading position...

Exhibitor: ATE - Continental Aftermarket GmbH


Quality As a specialist in braking systems, ATE has been setting standards in quality, innovation, and system compatibility for more than 100 years. Our expertise in research, manufacture and supply has made us the original equipment supplier of the world’s leading automobile suppliers. The...

Exhibitor: ATE - Continental Aftermarket GmbH


Clean We actively contribute to the protection of the environment and resources through innovative products. Thus, some years ago we added re-manufactured brake calipers to our range. ATE Ceramic brake pads release hardly any dust into the environment, and the coating of brake discs and brake...

Exhibitor: ATE - Continental Aftermarket GmbH

Carbon X: high tech against stubborn carbonization

While operational carbonization in older vehicles is usually based on the kilometers traveled, the reason for it in modern models is mainly to be found in smaller and smaller cylinders (downsizing). This strategy leads to a partly very lean fuel-air mixture being used during the vehicle...

Exhibitor: bluechemGROUP / CTP GmbH

bluechemGROUP presents Triple X PLUS - intake system cleaning for diesel and petrol engines

Since modern downsize direct-injection engines, which are equipped with a turbocharger and exhaust gas recirculation, keep spreading more and more, there is a constant increase in vehicles requiring air intake system cleaning. Despite all the advantages of this technology (adequate power, low...

Exhibitor: bluechemGROUP / CTP GmbH


With the ATF EVOLUTION PLUS, the bluechemGROUP presents a service device for automatic cleaning and maintenance of the automatic transmission system. Thanks to its modern technology and many adapter sets for all vehicle types, the device is very flexible and ensures a complete replacement of the...

Exhibitor: bluechemGROUP / CTP GmbH

Corteco New Corporate Video

After a long wait, it’s finally online the Corteco corporate movie. Three intensive minutes to tell the story of a young company, that with brave and enterprise approach, is became one of most important player in the Independent Aftermarket. A fascinating walk down in a memory lane is wisely...

Exhibitor: Corteco GmbH

Spicer® enhances web catalog with product images

The Spicer® brand is adding photos to product profiles to enhance its web catalog, beginning with the most popular items. The online catalog currently features approximately 5,000 product pictures, and the additions bring the total to nearly 30,000 images. The Spicer® web catalog provides Dana...

Exhibitor: Dana

NEW: PowerControl X and RX with Smartphone App

The next generation of smart tuning from DTE Systems DTE Systems sets technological standards in engine tuning with the newly developed PowerControl X and RX performance tuning boxes. The special feature: using an innovative technology platform, all engines can be optimized for the first...

Exhibitor: DTE Systems GmbH

The BMW petrol tuning: Motor- and accelerator tuning from DTE Systems

The 5 Series has a long tradition at BMW and with nearly 8 million models sold its series is extremely successful. The current offspring G30 should continue the success. BMW again highlights the brand’s core with the 540i. BMW 540i: Tuning from DTE Systems The current 540i is a six-cylinder for...

Exhibitor: DTE Systems GmbH

The top of the line: The new Audi A8 (D5) reaches its peak power with the tuning package from DTE Systems

In competition for the pole position in the German premium segment, the luxurious vehicle from Ingolstadt now trumps with the performance increase PowerControl X from DTE Systems. The new Audi A8 50 TDI is powered by a 3.0-litre V6 with 286 hp in the series. With the engine tuning of DTE Systems...

Exhibitor: DTE Systems GmbH


Comprehensive assortment Certified quality Guaranteed affordable prices High-tech and traditional products Rapid delivery, worldwide State-of-the-art internet presence Smart phone app Oil finder Cross reference list Active Facebook presence...

Exhibitor: EUROLUB GmbH

FOSSER Premium Longlife 12-FE 0W-30

FOSSER Premium Longlife 12-FE 0W-30 is a low-ash, fuel-economy engine oil for modern BMW engines. By saving fuel, it helps reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to the product's innovative additive technology and its significantly reduced content of ash-producing compounds, the oil provides excellent...

Exhibitor: Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH

GAT. ISO-certified

Our company has now reached the self-imposed quality goal after years of hard work and joins now the high level market leaders in the branch for development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of high performance additives and system cleaner for the automotive branch and industry. We...

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

GAT. new products

It´s all in the detail! GAT presents a new product line for car detailing including products for sealant and polishing. GAT Nano.Top.Coat. is a long-term high-gloss paintwork sealant. The product is based on high-strength carnauba wax which perfectly protects and seals prepared paintwork...

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

GAT. the growth

GAT has already started to expand their business. In 2017 GAT installed a new fully automated product filling line with a capacity expansion of 30.000 cans per shift up to 60.000 cans per shift. In 2018 GAT is going to extend their production hall and warehouse by 700 sqm.

Exhibitor: GAT mbH & Co. KG

Zero Force. Full Power. The new EASY!Force trigger gun.

You have the power! Only one thing can come between you and your task: our EASY!Force HD trigger gun. It gives you the power to use high pressure with ease. The revolutionary operating concept of the EASY!Force trigger gun uses the recoil force of the high-pressure jet and reduces the holding...

Exhibitor: Karcher FZE

TRI-RIM Tried and Tested, Now Even Further Improved

The rim system for trucks, buses and trailers, already long established in the market, has now been further developed into a high-precision, individual safety component in 20" and 24" size segments for single and dual tyres. Advantages of the rim system: •Ruggedness and the highest degree of...

Exhibitor: Kistenmacher Auto + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is mandatory

The demand for the sensors running in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) is growing faster and faster. Several market research apply sales figures until 2023 of about 1 Million sensors for the Middle East region. As the UAE government is following EU regulations please find below the...

Exhibitor: Kistenmacher Auto + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Intelligent LISTA locking systems and solutions

The new generation of LISTA locking systems offers cutting-edge security. Modern technologies make our electronic locking systems even more flexible and easier to use – even by mobile phone, for example. The different systems can be freely combined to create a locking system that...

Exhibitor: LISTA AG

Restarting program of cylinder heads and starting program of electrical parts

We restarted the former program of manufacturing of cylinder heads, for this program we allocated a special area of our factory dedicated to the production and checking of the cylinder heads, the first item produced is the item suitable for MB OM 355. In addition we reserved a special area for...

Exhibitor: MAET Torino s.r.l.

Wheel Installation Box

Get your high quality McGard chrome wheel bolts with your personalized logo or with your own initials, engraved by laser technology. The premium set, consisting of 20 wheel bolts with personalized logo, 4 wheel lock bolts and 2 keys, will be delivered in a noble wooden box. Furthermore you...

Exhibitor: MCGARD GmbH

Dana announces new facebook page for its Victor Reinz® sealing product line

Dana’s Victor Reinz® sealing product line recently began engaging with its audiences in a new way—through Facebook. The new facebook page was created as a forum for members of the Victor Reinz team to share information about products, brand news, expertise, experiences, and more with their...

Exhibitor: REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH


In a literal sense, innovation means “modernisation”. New ideas, inventions and their economic implementation in new products, materials and processes: in this context, SCHOMÄCKER is truly a reliable innovator. What drives us? The desire for constant improvement and perfection. Our engineers...

Exhibitor: SCHOMÄCKER Federnwerk GmbH

All from one source

Repair sets for car wire harnesses are our main product. However, we also deal with special problems when it comes to automotive wire techniques. In addition, we develop products for clients, which they claim especially. That is how we guarantee that our clients receive everything that comes with...

Exhibitor: SenCom GmbH

On the safe side of the light.

Who replaces rear lights, is well-advised with spare parts in original quality. The light quality of rear lights is crucial for traffic safety. On the safe side are partners that use ULO products. As the internationally operating trademark of the odeloFarba Lighting Group, ULO sells rear lights...

Exhibitor: odelo Deutschland GmbH ULO Aftermarket

Worldwide first rear lights with OLED-technology for series production by odelo

The first OLED serial rear light - engineered and produced by odelo - sets new standards in safety and design with ultra-thin surface lights. The homogeneous illumination is independent of the angle of vision and revolutionizes automotive design regarding spatiality, precision and impresses with...

Exhibitor: odelo Deutschland GmbH ULO Aftermarket

ULO: competence for our partners

From the first interior vehicle light and the first dynamic indicator to the high-tech OLED rear light, there have been eight decades of ground-breaking decisions and many technological milestones. Competence and innovative spirit have a long tradition at odelo. ULO is using this long-standing...

Exhibitor: odelo Deutschland GmbH ULO Aftermarket

MaxiWash Vario – the right choice for commercial vehicles.

The MaxiWash Vario is the successful system for commercial vehicles from WashTec, which perfectly satisfies wide-ranging requirements on a modern commercial vehicle wash. It is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial vehicle types, which have to be washed day in, day out in their thousands...

Exhibitor: WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

SoftLine² – linear following technology to perfection.

SoftLine² sees WashTec laying the long-term foundation at top car wash sites for increased throughput coupled with outstanding washing and drying results. With the patented linear technology from WashTec, the roof and side washers travel along the front and rear of the vehicle. This prolongs the...

Exhibitor: WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

Foam curtain raised for FoamSensation.

FoamSensation covers the vehicle with a closed, colour-illuminated foam curtain – turning the pre-wash into a colourful highlight. The mode of action of FoamSensation is as simple as it is spectacular. The foam flows down on to the vehicle as closed curtain – in gantry car washes from the...

Exhibitor: WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

Wolver Quality Protect System - a new level of protection.

Wolver Quality Protect System - a new level of protection. Unique packaging - has always been an identity for Wolver products. The use of tin cans, the logo presswork on the top of the cans and on the cap, an individual design for each product. All these elements provide reliable protection of...

Exhibitor: Wolver Lab GmbH

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