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Worldwide first rear lights with OLED-technology for series production by odelo

The first OLED serial rear light - engineered and produced by odelo - sets new standards in safety and design with ultra-thin surface lights. The homogeneous illumination is independent of the angle of vision and revolutionizes automotive design regarding spatiality, precision and impresses with glare-free light. Design The state-of-the-art technology enables almost unlimited lighting design, which was realized by three different design forms. Engineering The 30 installed OLEDs consist of several ultra-thin layers of organic semi-conductor material with a thickness of only a few 100 nanometers and present several advantages compared to conventional LEDs. The OLED itself has a total thickness of only 1.1 mm. An innovative, mechanical mounting concept additionally enables the technical realization of previously impossible three-dimensional design specifications. Software A new software is directly implemented in the product which monitors and controls each OLED individually. This software can also be used for programming individual new lighting scenarios.

Exhibitor: odelo Deutschland GmbH ULO Aftermarket

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