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McGard is the leading manufacturer of high quality security products. Our wheel locks provide the highest level of protection against costly wheel and tire theft.

Our lug nuts/bolts are built to last a lifetime. Our customers include the finest North American, Japanese and European automotive manufacturers. Over the years we have received dozens of quality Awards from car companies in the world over.

McGard GmbH in Germany is now ISO/TS 16949 certified which encompasses and exceeds the elements of the ISO 9000 and 9001 certifications McGard previously attained.

We are also concerned about our environment and our Environmental Managments System is in conformance with ISO 14001:2004.

Products and services

McGard is a manufacturer of high quality wheel locks and exclusive lug nuts/bolts for wheels and tires.

Our lug bolts/ nuts are available in chrome or black and are built to last a lifetime.

Our wheel locks provide the highest level of protection against costly wheel and tire theft.

Lug Bolts

Premium Lug Bolts! Beautiful chrome & black finish enhances the look of any wheel. The nickle chrome & black plating is guaranteed not to chip, peel or rust.

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Wheel Locks

McGard wheel locks are state of the art products that meet the requirements of the automotive industry. They are installed with a special, easy to use key. An antitheft wheel lock replaces an original fastener and is tightened with the same torque as the original bolt. The codes for the antitheft wheel locks and keys are generated with a computer system for virtually infinite variants.

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Customized Wheel Installation Box

The personalized wheel Installation box consists of 20 lug bolts, 4 locking bolts and 2 keys. The complete set comes in a beautiful luxury wooden box.

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Wheel Installation Box

Get your high quality McGard chrome wheel bolts with your personalized logo or with your own initials, engraved by laser technology.

The premium set, consisting of 20 wheel bolts with personalized logo, 4 wheel lock bolts and 2 keys, will be delivered in a noble wooden box. Furthermore you will receive a certificate, which confirms the exclusivity and uniqueness of your personalized wheel bolts.

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