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Wickeder Westfalenstahl headquartered in Germany is specialist for clad materials.

Clad materials are intelligent combinations of two or more materials that are joined together under high pressure, creating unique properties that a single material cannot meet, e.g. conductivity and heat dissipation, lightweight and ductility at the same time, etc. Clad materials are used for the most varied applications in the automotive supplier industry: module and cell connectors, body construction, interior and exterior engineering, battery housings, current collectors, wiring systems, heat shields, bumpers, gaskets, etc.

Wickeder Westfalenstahl is parent company of Wickeder Group with nine different companies and 1100 employees in America, Asia and Europe. The portfolio includes furthermore: thermostatic bimetals, metallic strips & foils, Nickel bars & wire, precision-etched micro components, toll work, R&D, Technical Advice, Punching & Bending & Welding, Waterjet cutting, etc.

Products and services

Aluminum-Steel Clad:

› Transition material, e.g. for various suspension and body parts

› Advantages :
› Suitable transition material for automotive hybrid construction
› Thermal joining of similar metals, e.g. between frame (Steel) and
loading area (Aluminum)
› No contact corrosion in joining area of different metals
› Adaption of different coefficients of expansion
› Weight savings by using Aluminum
› Improves strength and stiffness of Aluminum by a clad steel core
› No contact corrosion

Aluminum-Stainless Steel Clad

› Clad material for bumper, e.g.
› Advantages:
› Weight reduction
› Corrosion resistance
› Excellent optical appearance

CLADconfigurator (www.clad-configuratro.com)

Clad material composites offer a really wide variety of combined metal properties as traditional and future oriented multi-metal designs. Our “CLADconfigurator” provides the opportunity to design own and customized composites and property combination online. Clad it!

Clad Materials for Heat Shields

Modern motor vehicles are becoming increasingly compact and powerful. All the more, it is necessary to protect components and assemblies from adjacent heat sources. Heat management therefore requires early planning of suitable materials to prevent overheating. For cars, this is especially important in the underbody area, in the exhaust system and in the engine compartment.

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Clad Materials for Oil Coolers

Copper Steel Clad, where the copper is used as solder for the brazing process, is ideal for oil coolers. The big advantage is the lower processing and lower cost.

Normally, a steel coil and a solder coil are needed for the process. At first the respective stampings are produced and then nested in each other. By using solder clad you only need one coil, only half as many punching operations and thus significantly reduce the handling of stacking.

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Clad Materials for Bearings

Bearings must withstand increasing loads, achieve the longest possible service life and be economical. In order to be able to fulfill these specific properties, the choice of materials and the construction must be perfectly coordinated. Plain bearings made out of clad materials or composite materials are the ideal solution.

The steel core gives the sliding bearing the mechanical stability, bronze as a carrier material provides the sliding properties..

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