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MIPA SE, headquartered in Germany, is a fast-growing medium-sized company and producing paints and mixing systems for car refinishing, industrial and decorative paints as well as wood coatings for professional use.

More than 1000 employees are working all over the world for Mipa Group that is sending currently products to its subsidiaries and customers in 100 countries on all continents.

These products are always part of a system. MIPA looks after their customers throughout all steps of a coating process and offers in addition to a main product a lot of further products to complement or to combine. Whilst maintaining the high quality standard, the majority of products provides numerous variations of colours and gloss lovels which can be realized by using a mixing or tinting system.

MIPA SE is an international operating company with customer-related partnerships and mutual exchange of know-how.

Products and services

MIPA SE, headquartered in Germany, focuses primarily on developing and producing high quality automotive refinishing and industrial paints for user all over the world.

Mipa Protector

Highly resistant 2K polyurethane-acrylic paint system for scratch resistant and robust coating of truck bed surfaces (e. g. Pick-Up truck beds) and for all heavy duty surfaces on commercial vehicles, camping cars, trailers and SUVs, a. s. o. Tintable with solvent based basecoats and solvent based 2K solid color isocyanate cured paints. (Mipa BC, Mipa OC, Mipa PUR-HS, Mipa PUR and Pro Mix® Industry pigment pastes).

Quality made in Germany

Especially in a world characterised by the division of labour, the high quality of all components of a product plays an increasingly important role. Thanks to international delivery networks, MIPA offers multinational customers the opportunity to obtain homogenous products on a worldwide basis with competent sales partners.
As an international supplier of coating systems, MIPA SE thus does its part in securing the ultimate quality of numerous products around the globe.

MIPA SE headquarter Essenbach, Germany

Am Oberen Moos 1

Phone: +49 8703 9220
Fax: +49 8703 922100
Internet: www.mipa-paints.com
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Uwe Schröpf

Phone: +49 8703 9222184
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