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The company GAT mbh & Co. KG is a manufacturer of high-performance service and maintenance products for the automotive aftersales market and industrial applications.
Benefits at a glance: 

  • Products certified by TÜV Nord “Mady in Germany”
  • In-house laboratory with own R&D department 
  • Meeting OEM standards
  • Products references: TÜV Thüringen “certified effectiveness” and University of Armed Forces Munich
  • Unique marketing concept

Products and services

Clean up and keep clean! To achieve absolutely clean systems GAT produces and offers service and maintenance products, system cleaner for fuel, oil and lubrication circuits as well as cleaner for the radiator and air condition system in various packing sizes.

Our brand GAT is our premium brand and exclusively made for application by professionals e.g. workshops and car dealerships. Our second brand AUTOMAX is to be considered as our Retail Line and therefore suitable for sales channels like E-commerce with direct sales to end-consumers.

Besides our own brands we also offer our customers to build up a new private label brand. We do not only deliver a perfect product but also a customized and well-conceived distribution concept for individual target groups.

GAT Petrol System Cleaner PLUS

GAT Petrol System Cleaner PLUS is suitable for use in all petrol engines, generators and high performance engines (e.g. boat, bike etc.). Removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber. Dissolves resins and gums in the carburetor and injection system. Removes coking and unburned carbon residues in the upper cylinder area. Binds moisture and condensed water in the complete fuel system. Lubricates and protects the upper cylinder area.

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CeraGAT 500

CeraGat 500 High Performance Additive for use in all types of engines. Highly effective additive packet with wear and tear resistant ceramic for reduced friction and improved wear protection. Compatible with all mineral and synthetic engine oils.

Benefits: Easy to use. Reduced wear and tear due to the creation of a stable wear protection layer. Less running noise, reduced friction and wear ensure increased engine performance and optimized fuel consumption. Reduces exhaust gas emissions.

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GAT Nano Car Glass Sealant

GAT Nano Car Glass Sealant consist of components that create a very thin, glass-like and extreme water repellent film. The sealant film protects the material long-lasting against harmful environmental influences and is resistant against water and dirt.

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GAT mbH & Co. KG
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News & Innovations

GAT. the growth

GAT has already started to expand their business. In 2017 GAT installed a new fully automated product filling line with a capacity expansion of 30.000 cans per shift up to 60.000 cans per shift. In 2018 GAT is going to extend their production hall and warehouse by 700 sqm.

GAT. new products

It´s all in the detail! GAT presents a new product line for car detailing including products for sealant and polishing. GAT Nano.Top.Coat. is a long-term high-gloss paintwork sealant. The product is based on high-strength carnauba wax which perfectly protects and seals prepared paintwork surfaces against different weather effects. GAT Easy.Guard.Polish. is a polish which can be applied or sprayed. It should be used on plain and non-absorbent surfaces. GAT Easy. Guard. Polish. removes dust and slight soiling of all kind in a simple manner. It protects the treated surfaces permanently thanks to balanced mixture of carnauba wax.

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GAT. ISO-certified

Our company has now reached the self-imposed quality goal after years of hard work and joins now the high level market leaders in the branch for development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of high performance additives and system cleaner for the automotive branch and industry.

We proudly announce that GAT Gesellschaft für Kraftstoff- und Automobiltechnologie mbH & Co. KG has now been certified with DIN EN ISO 9001. With this certification we guarantee the highest quality level of our company management and product line for our worldwide partners and product users.

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