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Wolver Lab GmbH - a company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of high-quality lubricants. Oils and greases under the brand Wolver successfully sell in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America.

Wolver Lab GmbH constantly works with feedback of our major trading partners and listens carefully to the recommendations in the field of assortment and logistics optimization. That makes Wolver products world demanded.

We always find a way to meet our customers’ requirements, no matter how demanding they are, because we know that at times it’s a human life that may depend upon the quality of our oils.

Wolver Lab GmbH is a reliable partner who always ready to tackle challenging tasks and successfully handles them all. Only with such approach we can create motor oils for important projects involving operation of mechanisms in the most extreme duty cycles.

Products and services

Automotive Lubricants:

  • Engine Oils

  • Transmission Oils

  • Automotive Function Fluids

  • Service Products

    Industrial Lubricants:

  • Hydraulic Fluids

  • Compressor Oils

  • Vacuumpumpoils

  • Turbine Oils

  • Slideway Oils

  • Textile Machine Oils

  • Environment-friendly Lubricants - Chain saw oilsg

WOLVER UltraTec SAE 5W-30

is an universal HC-Synthetic fuel-efficient multigrade engine oil of the latest generation. The exceptional properties of this high performance engine oils meet the current requirements and operating conditions of the mid-SAPS engine oils.

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WOLVER Turbo Truck 10W-40

is a HC-Synthetic high performance motor oil for diesel engines of the newest generation. It was specially developed for diesel engines with EURO 5 and EURO 6 standard with after treatment of exhaust gas (particle separator). In order to maintain the functionality after treatment systems and to avoid disturbance, the use of a motor oil with Low SAPS (Low Ash) technology is obligatory.

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Oils, Greases, Service fluids

For decades, Wolver Lab GmbH specializes in developing and producing high quality lubricants for passenger cars and commercial vehicles that operate in heavy conditions. All knowledge and long experience, technologies and developments gained within this time we put into manufacture of our lubricants under the brand Wolver.

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Wolver Lab GmbH
Im Zollhafen 24
50678 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 59988992
Internet: wolverlab.de
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Contact person

Konstantin Zerfas
Phone: +49 221 59988992
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News & Innovations

Wolver Quality Protect System - a new level of protection.

Wolver Quality Protect System - a new level of protection.

Unique packaging - has always been an identity for Wolver products. The use of tin cans, the logo presswork on the top of the cans and on the cap, an individual design for each product. All these elements provide reliable protection of our products against counterfeits.

However, the growing popularity of TM Wolver in the world poses new challenges for us. Watching out for our customers, we give an opportunity to check the originality of Wolver products on-line to every buyer. The new protection system was named - Wolver Quality Protect System.

Starting from 2018, a new sticker is placed at all Wolver products. On its outside there is a QR-code with a link to the website of the system - http://CHECK.wolverlab.de.

Under the sticker placed a unique product code obtained during production. By entering this code on the website of the system, and having received confirmation - you can verify the authenticity of any Wolver product.

We are confident that the implementation of Wolver Quality Protect System will be an effective tool for protection from counterfeits. Our customers will be sure that they use high-quality original Wolver product.

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