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We are renowned internationally for the production of our quality springs. We excel at creating customised developments in original equipment; we are also a highly competent partner for the parts trade. Top-quality production, a reliable quality and dedicated service: this is what our customers appreciate about us. And you can count on it.

At our headquarters in Melle, we produce in excess of 3,000 types of springs for trucks and trailers on a site covering 40,500 square metres. With a capacity of up to 20,000 tons per year, we process high-quality steel into quality springs which are exported to more than 50 countries throughout the world. An accomplishment that can only be achieved under optimal production conditions ensured by continually investing in state-of-the-art machinery and flexible production.

Products and services

Parabolic Springs for Truck and Trailers
Trailing Arms for Truck and Trailers
Multi Leaf Springs for Truck and Trailers
Stabilizator Arms for Truck and Trailers
Trailing Arms / Beam Springs

The Trailing Arm is part of a quiet, convenient and modern air suspension system where the spring acts as the link between the axle and the chassis. The axles are controlled safely and stabilised, cushioning and absorbing braking forces.

Trailing Arms, used in towing vehicles, have also proved effective as a spring system for trailer equipment.

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Parabolic Springs

Parabolic springs consist of individual, parabolically rolled out leaves that can adjust to the loads they have to carry. Parabolic springs vary in thickness, ensuring an even distribution of stress.

Lighter and thinner than multi-leaf springs, but still parabolic springs demonstrate enhanced durability and resistance. They help reduce the overall weight of the truck being 30% lighter which also results in reduced fuel consumption.

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Today, the comparatively heavy multi-leaf spring is mainly used in construction and agricultural vehicles. Not only can multi-leaf springs be manufactured easily and economically, they are also easy to repair and reinforce.

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SCHOMÄCKER Federnwerk GmbH
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Klaus Borchelt
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News & Innovations

In a literal sense, innovation means “modernisation”. New ideas, inventions and their economic implementation in new products, materials and processes: in this context, SCHOMÄCKER is truly a reliable innovator. What drives us? The desire for constant improvement and perfection.

Our engineers are involved in activities from basic research to technical implementation. They are multi-talented, creative and innovative. It therefore comes as no surprise that we have numerous patents for products and processes, putting our company one step ahead of our competitors.

We also find advanced technical solutions for our customers’ products and production processes. User- and solution-oriented, exclusive and customised.

Our quality management meets the highest standards of the automotive industry worldwide (ISO TS 16949). Our certificates create transparency and greater trust in our services.

SCHOMÄCKER standards start where others stop. Innovative measurement technology such as the X-ray diffractometer XSTRESS 3000 guarantees high-quality, durable products. A key advantage for our customers.

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