About us

With a knowledge since year 1955 we are a factory specialized in the production and trade of gears, shafts, synchronizers, transmission groups, parts for gearboxes and differential gears, engine parts, electromechanical and diesel mechanical parts for diesel and gasoline vehicules.

Products and services

Our range of gears , shafts, synchronizing rings, hubs, flanges and other parts are suitable for gearboxes installed in the most popular trucks und buses, the quality of the production in our factory is assured as per ISO 9001-2015 rules.

The steel used respect the highest quality's requirements as well as the other steps like teething, thermical threatment, grinding etc.

We distribuite our parts in countries all over the world satisfying the needs of our customers with efficiency and accuracy

Our automatic shaving machine

We are able to cover with our CNC machinery the end finishing of our products like shaving and grinding.

MAET Torino s.r.l.
C.so Inghilterra 24
12084 Mondovi (CN)

Phone: +39 1741 976195
Internet: www.maet.com
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Contact person

Juan Carlos Casalone
Phone: +39 335 276304
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News & Innovations

Restarting program of cylinder heads and starting program of electrical parts
We restarted the former program of manufacturing of cylinder heads, for this program we allocated a special area of our factory dedicated to the production and checking of the cylinder heads, the first item produced is the item suitable for MB OM 355.

In addition we reserved a special area for the development of the electrical parts suitable for the heavy trucks like compressors, regulators, etc with the intend to offer to our customer a service program under the same quality standard of our main production

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