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No matter which products you choose from the CORTECO product portfolio, you always receive outstanding original quality. This high quality standard is directly linked to Freudenberg and characterises our comprehensive spare parts range. CORTECO offers more than 19,000 products and service kits to garages – among them leading brands such as the Simmerring ® radial shaft seal. Our extensive product programme comprises Simmerrings, valve stem seals, flat gaskets and engine kits, vibration control technology such as engine mounts, pulleys and suspension mounts as well as cabin air filters and brake hoses.

Products and services

The Corteco range of 19,000 spare parts is catalogued into three main products groups: sealing, vibration control and cabin air filtration. They include a number of genuine automotive products widely regarded as classics, such as the Simmerring® or micronAir® filter.

Both were designed and manufactured by our parent company Freudenberg - a connection that gives independent garages direct access to original spare parts with OEM quality.

Our expertise does not end there. Valve stem seals, gaskets and engine kits, engine mounts, pulleys, chassis and brake hoses as well as engine intake air filters are also part of an extensive product range.


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies designed and manufactured the first Simmerring® in1929. It continues to deliver innovative solutions at the highest level.
As the aftermarket distribution arm of the Freudenberg Group, CORTECO can draw on many decades of that manufacturing expertise. Our range is derived from more than 7,000 gaskets and over 6,500 different shaft seals Simmering® and valve stem seals that are available in OEM quality today.

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Cabin Air Filter

Our range comprises around 750 different cabin air filters. Corteco offers the largest range of particle and carbon activated filters in Europe. Nearly one in two of all new cars equipped with cabin air filtration are already fitted with Freudenberg micronAir® filter protection.

Corteco cabin air filters remove the irritants that cause sneezing fits, watery eyes, runny noses or breathing issues. Cleaner air provides clearer visibility and improves road safety.

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Vibration Control

The extensive OE manufacturing experience of the Freudenberg Group enables Corteco to offer vibration control components and repair kits in OEM quality for more than 27,500 types of vehicles. All products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured using the latest production methods.

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News & Innovations

Corteco New Corporate Video
After a long wait, it’s finally online the Corteco corporate movie.
Three intensive minutes to tell the story of a young company, that with brave and enterprise approach, is became one of most important player in the Independent Aftermarket.
A fascinating walk down in a memory lane is wisely alternated with slivers nowadays, creating a story that will leave the mark.
So, don’t waste time, and enjoy Corteco corporate movie. You can see it on Corteco official youtube channel. Find us!

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