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Carbon X: high tech against stubborn carbonization

While operational carbonization in older vehicles is usually based on the kilometers traveled, the reason for it in modern models is mainly to be found in smaller and smaller cylinders (downsizing). This strategy leads to a partly very lean fuel-air mixture being used during the vehicle operation. This results in very high temperatures in the cylinders causing an uncontrolled combustion, which in turn leads to the formation of carbonization.

A job for the technology leader

The problem of these deposits is not only that they lead to negative effects on performance, consumption and emissions, but also that they become partly as hard as granite. The bluechemGROUP has therefore developed a completely new chemical formulation for combustion chamber cleaning in its in-house laboratory. With Carbon X, we are introducing a product that precisely removes even stubborn deposits in the cylinder head area, thus ensuring low emissions, economical fuel consumption and a powerful performance.

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Exhibitor: bluechemGROUP / CTP GmbH