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Foam curtain raised for FoamSensation.

FoamSensation covers the vehicle with a closed, colour-illuminated foam curtain – turning the pre-wash into a colourful highlight. The mode of action of FoamSensation is as simple as it is spectacular. The foam flows down on to the vehicle as closed curtain – in gantry car washes from the FlexStream roof dryer; in conveyor tunnel systems the unit is fastened to the entrance gantry or integrated in a separate arch. The foam curtain is lit up from behind in colour by LED lamps that enable numerous colour settings. Apart from the visual experience, FoamSensation also offers an outstanding washing result. FoamSensation generates perfect foam within a few seconds even after longer breaks. For customers this means a car wash they have never seen before. With FoamSensation, the operators of car washes can raise the attractiveness of their businesses immensely and turn them into customer magnets. And that in turn justifies higher average prices.

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Exhibitor: WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH